I like to share my experiences with you as a reader and especially for wildlife. Because I have a little obsession with Kingfishers I will tell how it started. Feel free to read and leave a message below!

Few years ago my interesting in Kingfishers really began. Always loved the vivid colors and stories of others and somehow it made me jealous. I wanted that feeling too. Just spot a Kingfisher, just being able to see them. Anyway if I had known earlier this bird was flying in my neighbourhood, I would take the chance. But I didn’t know. I checked the website for spotting birds regularly. Somehow I tried to spot them on the harbor channel. Many times. No results. Tried to notice with Kingfisher sounds. I heard some calls. It made me proud. To achieve something wat was really close. I came in contact with a knowledge who told me different locations the Kingfishers could be spotted. 

Again I tried with knowing some more information in my mind. Still nothing. But I never gave up. Luckily I didn’t. Years fly by. Kingfishers are so small and agile. To be able to watch them, you have to be very patient. Also my gear was not suitable enough in my opinion. But then someone attended me that he had seen the Kingfisher in his garden. And yes if you know who I am, you could at least expect I go visit. So the next day I had success. A kingfisher spotted and captured with my camera. How glad and happy I was. Couldn’t describe that feeling. I was looking for years, but now it happened. It was even winter. Could you imagine? I remember still the moment. It was on the 26th of february 2019. What a honour to have this beautiful bird in my residence. 

The photo above was the first photo of a Kingfisher. 

From then I have regularly been visiting the spot. Sometimes I don’t see the Kingfisher, but there are most of the time some Ducks, Grebes or other birds. But there was also another maybe better place. So I went as soon as possible to watch that place and had success. Even with a fish in its beak. Several times spotted there the Kingfisher, male or female and even both. The time I am writing this is january 2021. I think have seen the bird for about 15 times. It’s always special when I meet the bird. Never it’s getting boring. It’s a lot more challenging to capture the bird. But I hope to see a lot more this year and looking forward to make better images. So this was a short story of my love for Kingfishers. Keep tuned! 

February 8th, 2021(update)

Monday the 8th of february. This week we have a lot of snow and freezing weather. Not the ideal situation for Kingfishers, but nevertheless worth tot watch them! I visited the hide in late afternoon. Took some time to come there and not slipping away… I brought my camouflage with me to cover myself and camera + tripod. Just to get the maximum effort of being invisible and not disturbing the area. That being said seems working out very well! I spotted a Kingfisher in front of my eyes. Never been so close to me. I didn’t dare and want to make any movement. Someone told me if you see a Kingfisher, don’t shoot images directly. The reason is that Kingfishers can feel safe if you don’t make noice. They trust their place and you will be able to enjoy their visit a lot longer. So the bird peeked on a branch for a while. What a lucky moment! Very happy to watch this beautiful bird in his habitat. The bird flew further to another tree.

 Later he flew to the opposite side of the water channel. The picture below is showing this. A few moments later the bird flied to (I suppose) it’s nesting.